Bang Shang A Lang
The Archies

PAT: Pure bubblegum goodness, guarenteed to rot the teeth right out of your head. The only thing that possibly could have made this song any better is more cowbell, to quote the popular phrase...

Si Tu Diasis

PAT:(see April Playlist) It could be Barcelona where, in a clatteringly loud bar, on a brick paved street, in the middle of the afternoon, a furtive lover whispers "Every wall, every crack, I'm sick and tired of this place" into your salty ear...

El Picador (live Austin)

PAT:I once wrote a treatment for a Western wherein Melody and I where in El Paso, circa 1890, drumming up a rogue band of banditos, outlaws and Confederate deserters to travel to San Francisco with us and vanquish the rat-bastard who burned our farm. We found Bruce and Clark, a Rebel Colonel and buffalo hunter respectively, Pete and Chuck, a pair of vaqueros fleeing the Texas Rangers, and Ain as the steely gunfighter. I cant remember how it all turned out, but this would have been the theme music...

Cold Iron Bounds
Bob Dylan

PAT:(see April Playlist) Me, Bob, John Dillinger and Billy The Kid walk into a bar...
This is from the absolutely most perplexing film I have ever seen: Masked And Anonymous...if you havent seen this glorious piece of shit, YOU MUST seek it out, watch it six or seven times and then tell me what the hell it is about. I have my hteories, but I welcome any additional input...

Needle in the Camel's Eye
Brian Eno

PAT: New Wave at it's finest...Where's my mascara?

Days of Wine and Roses
Dream Syndicate

PAT: As the Eighties fell around our ankles, while the drugs got stronger, during our "Black Period", in the second movement of an aria composed of nothing but feedback, on the Barham Pass, en route to enlightenment and a decade-long hangover...I still try to remember the days of wine and roses, the days of lines and noses, the days of crime and poses, the days of blind neurosis...

Pretty Little Posion
Robbie Fulks (w/ Lucinda Williams)

PAT: Me, Romeo, Tristan, Cassanova and Jay Gatsby get kicked out of a bar....

Son of a Preacherman
Ike and Tina Turner

Sent in by Pat

Don't Believe the Hype
Public Enemy

Sent in by Pat

Do Your Own Thing
Charles Wright

Sent in by Pat

I Might be Wrong

PAT: The sound of coming unraveled. Loudly.

Do Your Own Thing
Charles Wright

PAT: Dig the fucking tamborine. I can just see the cat, working that shit out on stage in a dive on Crenshaw and Normandy, the air thick with menthol smoke.

Paul Weller (Portisehead remix)

PAT: If you were on a stake•out, armed only with your wits, riding a matte black Vespa, you'd need a certain sneer on your lips and a twangy baritone guitar riff...


Lovin' in Vain
Patsy Cline
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

Port of Lonely Hearts
Johnny Cash
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

Mean Eyed Cat
Johnny Cash
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

On Broadway
The Drifters
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

Keep a Knocking
Little Richard
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

Hoochy Coochy Man
Muddy Waters
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

Be My Baby
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

El Paso
Marty Robbins
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

Let Me Show You Around My Heart
The Turbins
(An original ebar 45, thanks to Dean.)

Don't Let Go
Roy Hamilton
(Thank's DeanM)

When You Dance
The Turbans
(Thank's DeanM)

You'll Lose a Good Thing
Barbara Lyn
(Thank's DeanM)

Patsy Cline

Honky Tonk Blues
Hank Williams
(Thank's Kyle)

Old Cowhand
Roy Rogers

T is for Texas
Hank Williams
(Thanks Pat)

Sea of Heartbreak
Don Gibson
(Thanks Pat)

I Fall to Pieces
Patsy Cline

Gene Vincent

Peggy Lee

Blue Suede Shoes
Carl Perkins

Green Onions
Booker T & the MGs

You talk too Much
Joe Jones

Hank Williams
(Thank's Kyle)

California Sun
Joe Jones
(Thank's Kyle)

(photo by Riquelle)

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"As an Ebar employee for four years (1983-87) I learned more about music from the jukebox there than I ever could've from the finest, most comprehensive music appreciation course. I must have sensed the cultural importance of the juke early on, because while I was there, I cajoled Margaret into letting me take a clutch of 45s from the machine (and a few from her reserve collection) home for the weekend in order to put 'em on cassette. It wasn't easy, as she treasured those things dearly. Nevertheless, I managed to record them, and recently to transfer them to my computer, and still more recently to send them to the Ebar site. These, then, are recordings of the actual 45s from the Ebar Jukebox, hisses, pops and ticks intact. I hope---nay, I know--they sound just as bitchin' now as they did with the added whoosh and whine of the Pasquini as sonic backdrop.
Much love and cafeeeeen to all who darkened those doors"

Dean T Moody


Volver Volver
Ramon Ayala y Vicente Fernandez
(Thanks Pat)

Bobby Gentry
(Thanks Pat)

The Clapping Song
Shirley Ellis
(Thank's Pat)

Soulful Strut
Young Holt Unlimited
(Thank's Pat)

NY Dolls
(Thank's Pat)

White Girl

Memories can wait
Talking Heads

Gut Feeling
(Thank's Pat)

PAT: Sitting on the curb, outside the Olympic Auditorium, waiting for your cool uncle to
pick you up after your first punk show, when up pulls a new Mercedes full of west side girls, who take you to Canters for matzo ball soup and cocaine, then to Daddy's condo for a trip to third base and more coke, only to pass out next to the hot tub and wake up three hours later without your glasses and a handful of pubic hair...

Never Stop
Echo & the Bunnymen
(Thank's Tim)

Watching the Detectives
Elvis Costello

Brilliant Mistake
Elvis Costello

Ghost Town

Senses Working Overtime / Grass / Love on a Farmboys Wages
XTC (live kroq)

Primitive Painters

Ella Megalast Burls Forever
Cocteau Twins

This Mortal Coil

King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown
Augustus Pablo

Sounds of Jamaica
Ms Wirewaist


Background Music
12/24/94 (Damon, Masa, MarkL) Closing night at the ebar. Recorded by DW

Be Nowhere now
Whitman M and DonK live at the Old Town Pub

Pre Dawn Sunrise Blues
Don Kirby

Alone in the Sky
Don Kirby


Memory of the Future
Don Kirby

The Invisible Dots
Hinterlander (Heidi Nelms)

More info on Heid's album here and here.

WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR ON THE JUKE (whether it played on the juke or not).